56 year old UK mom sharing her FemiLift story

25 Dec

Abby Short, 56 year old event planner from Essex, Great Britain had the FemiLift treatment after years dealing with stress urinary incontinence. This story was published on all UK’s major newspapers including The Sun, Daily Mirror, and Metro.

Abby states that she was inspired to get the minimally invasive treatment after watching Danielle Lloyd’s interview on the morning show. In that interview, which has generated massive interest among women over 40, Miss Lloyd confessed to having had the treatment specifically for incontinence.


younger in the bedroom - femilift benefits

Abby Short and her husband (photo PA Real Life)

Surprisingly fast results

Abby sought for the FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment following years in which she suffered with unexpected leakage. She underwent 3 FemiLift sessions at Courthouse clinics in London, where they explained to her it might take some time until she noticed results. However, she was surprised to find out there was an immediate change for the good. When vacationing right after the first session she didn’t experience any more leakage or urgency to go to the bathroom.

More than a relief of incontinence

Abby was also pleased to learn there were other benefits to the treatment as well.

“It’s given me a real confidence boost and makes me feel 15 years younger in the bedroom. I couldn’t recommend it enough”.

Abby Short claims to feel younger in the bedroom

UK major newspapers published Abby’s story

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