“Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread syndrome in women”…

19 Oct

Interview with Dr. Femopase about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation with Alma Pixel CO2

post-menopause expert Treatment of genital areas within the aesthetic medicine has not only left any form of tabooing behind it but has also won a continuous increasing relevance in the past years.Thus in 2012 around 7.000 surgeries have been performed on the genital area only in Germany. We interviewed Prof. Dr. Gabriel Alberto Femopase from the University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC) about his practical experiences with the usage of the CO₂ Laser in the case of treatments of two different feminine indications.

In your clinic, you are offering a wide spectrum of surgical and surgical aesthetic procedures. What are these treatments?
Prof. Femopase:
In our private clinic, we offer a range of therapeutic options for pathologies of the lower genital tract, vulvovaginal reconstruction (hypertrophy of labia minora,
lifting of the clitoris, vulvar correction, reconstruction of pelvic muscle floor and vaginal tightening with intimate aesthetic Surgery). Another important indication is Stress
Urinary Incontinence (SUI) that can be effectively treated. All procedures are done using the FemiLift CO2 Laser System.
How important is vaginal tightening or intimate aesthetic surgery to women in the 21st century?
Prof. Femopase:
The concept of quality of life is now more present in our society and sexual aspects are taken more into account by women. This results in more frequent consultations
about restorative surgical alternatives. For example, obstetric damages result in hyper-laxity and sensitivity alterations that are generated by damage to regional
innervation, hypo gastric nerve, pelvic and pudenda. This produces in 80% of women over 40 years of age
some degree of sexual sensitive response dysfunction. These procedures are offered as an effective and ethical solution for these conditions.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread syndrome in women. What are your experiences in treating these women with the vaginal probe and the Alma CO2?
Prof. Femopase:
SUI is another reason for very frequent consultations in daily gynecology and the use of the specially designed Alma device is an excellent option to treat this pathology. The technique is completely outpatient, low cost and does not require anesthesia, giving great results in short and long terms.

CO2 laser holds many benefits for post-menopause women


Which advantages does the laser procedure have? Are there any risks? What are possible side effects?
Prof. Femopase:

The advantages we obtain by these procedures are many: treatment is pain-free, minimally invasive, outpatient, high success rate percentage, and quick
recovery, not affecting normal activities for the patient. Regarding possible complications, they are nearly inexistent if the professional use the established
protocols by our research group together with Alma.

Is the laser procedure able to solve the problem of SUI alone or are other actions to be taken?
Prof. Femopase:
The procedure used for SUI with Alma Lasers are highly safe and effective (with minimal side effects compared with surgical procedures as vaginal sling procedures) but other considerations like hormonal correction could be added to adjust estrogen deficit by hormonal therapies, Kegel exercises to rehabilitate the pelvic floor, etc. What is the ratio of the cost of laser treatment

What is the ratio of the cost of laser treatment compared to surgery?
Prof. Femopase:
The cost difference is very big due to the possibility to perform the procedures in an outpatient way without the need of hospital stay, anesthesia etc. We also should consider the lower social cost due to patients returning to work and personal activities immediately.

Do you use the vaginal laser for other indications?
Prof. Femopase:
The device is used in all surgical vaginal procedures that require a modification of its tension and improved vaginal blood supply and lubrication. Women that undergo FemiLift treatment will be less susceptible to vaginal infections. In addition, FemiLift treatment is associated with a significant improvement of sexual function. Women who suffer from urine leakage have a good chance to achieve significant improvement with minimal side effects.

Femilift laser treats post-menopause issues


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