Former Miss England FemiLift laser review

30 Jul

UK glamour model and fashion icon speaks out

Danielle Lloyd was crowned as miss England 2004 and miss Great Britain 2006. She then went on to star on “Celebrity big brother” reality TV show in the UK as well as landing six-figure modeling contracts with various companies including Rocawear. She is a mother of Four and has never been shy of speaking out on her personal life. Recently she revealed she was dealing with a serious case of SUI (stress urinary incontinence) and has successfully treated it with the FemiLift laser treatment by Alma Lasers at the high-end Aestheticallyyou clinic in the UK. We have recapped her FemiLift laser review, which included both social media videos and TV interviews in this post.

Here is her initial review right after the first FemiLift laser treatment

Danielle Lloyd FemiLift laser review on Instagram

“Speaking out about this none-invasive FemiLift laser treatment really worried me but I’ve always been honest and open and I feel speaking out can benefit so many women out there.
This is life changing for me and am sure like other moms especially out there will totally get why I did it. After giving birth to Four babies even sneezing becomes a problem or when your kids ask you to come on the trampoline and you have to make your excuses.
Not only does it tighten and help stress urinary incontinence it’s perfect for women who are going through menopause and struggling with vaginal dryness.

I am not going to let people troll me or try make me or feel embarrassed over this. Every women goes through these symptoms at some point in there lives and this new treatment can change their lives.
Please check and read more about the treatment. Procedure takes 30 minutes, back to work immediately & no downtime!!”

Later she went on to speak on UK’s biggest morning TV show along with her mother

Last, she even dared to film the FemiLift treatment session itself to show how painless and easy it went

Undoubtedly FemiLift reviews of female public figures such as  Danielle Lloyd can help other women who suffer from feminine health issues. She proves there is nothing to be ashamed of and its a vital part of being a woman. If you are also in the UK you can search for a nearby FemiLift clinic using this page –

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