It’s time to have that conversation, ladies.

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14 Feb

Here’s some good news for women of all ages.

Even as mature, knowledgeable women, we still feel a bit awkward sharing information about our private parts. After all, they are, well, private.


Isn’t it a shame that we often compromise our pleasure, or our comfort, because we’re embarrassed? Or don’t know who to ask? Or not even sure we even have a problem? For many women, just like yourself, part of the problem is acknowledging that something is bothering you. You may feel like something is not right, or that it used to be better or different, but many times we as women just sort of accept it. We are so used to  just getting on with our lives, or getting used to changes in our body, that we don’t stop and ask – “is this ok? can anything be done about it?” Well, ladies- here is the good news: YES! There is plenty to be done! So, let’s start by getting into some detail, shall we?


Let’s start with some facts…

First of all, a bit of scientific info (not too scientific, don’t worry). As we age, our bodies change, inside and out. That includes our female anatomy, and yes – our vaginas, too. Natural hormonal changes that come with age, along with changes in our anatomical structure due to childbirth, menopause or surgery, can lead to loss in vaginal laxity (that means your vagina wall is stretched out) or stress urinary incontinence (which is why you may find yourself running to the ladies room so often). Another uncomfortable result may be a loss of sensation and decrease in sexual pleasure.
Well. Nobody deserves that. Especially when there’s something that can be done about it.
Times are changing and as technology moves forward at a fast pace, so do the options you have to take care of these issues – easily, and most importantly – safely.

Here’s some good news for your vagina.

FemiLift - vaginal Rejuvenation

Deep thermal effect for vaginal tissue rejuvenation

Energy-based technology has made huge progress in recent years. We have seen so much progress in anti-aging and safe, non-surgical lifting processes for the face and body, that it seems like there is an abundance of options for women (and men) who want to maintain their youthful looks over time. Everything and anything from laser treatments to radio frequency techniques seems to be having a huge impact on body contouring, face lifting, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation, hair removal and even tattoo removal. So, what about our vaginas?
Well, the truth is that in recent years, cutting-edge technologies used for the face and body, are now being directed towards the improvement of vaginal functioning and appearance. The same principles that have been working successfully for years are now available for women who want to feel better and lead a more fulfilling feminine life.

One solution for numerous issues.

Just like any tightening or rejuvenation process works on your face, or any other part of your body, so can your vagina be tightened or, essentially, “lifted”. Using highly advanced CO2 laser technology, a very successful minimally invasive solution called FemiLift is being used to treat a wide range of feminine issues, including SUI (stress urinary incontinence), vaginal tightening, post-menopause indications such as dry vaginal lining and thinning, as well as clearing up recurring infections or irritation. Regardless of your age or issue, this treatment
is completely safe and virtually painless and can be done in a comfortable out-patient environment. There is no need to take any time off and results are really quick. Of course, you would have to consult your gynecologist but basically, every woman who feels like something is not quite right can be helped. Isn’t it a shame not to?

So, here are a few tips:

  • First of all, don’t be shy. There’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. These issues are so common, they really should be part of any conversation (ok, maybe not every conversation – but you get the idea.)


  • Get in touch with your body. Ask yourself some basic questions such as: “Does this feel right?”, “Am I running to the restroom more often than I think I should be?”, “Does my vagina feel dry or irritated?, “Am I enjoying sex as much as I used to?”, “Does something feel different?”. You have to start the conversation with yourself first if you want to get answers and solutions for your body.


  • Ask your doctor. Any good gynecologist or even your GP should know about this and will be able to help you find the best solution for your needs. If you want to get more information on your own, check out This website will provide all the answers to your questions, and also has a contact page so you can feel free to contact them if you need more assistance. It also refers you to a doctor in your area, if you want to contact a professional in person.


  • Don’t wait. As with anything else in life, putting it off doesn’t make it go away. It usually just makes it worse. The sooner you decide to take care of your issue – as minor or major as it seems – the quicker you will be able to benefit from a better, more satisfying and enjoyable feminine life. You deserve it.



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