Women Are Actually Getting Vagina Lifts To Fix Saggy Vaginas

24 Jul

“When you think about the effects of aging, you probably envision crow’s feet, a slowed metabolism, and maybe the dreaded hot flashes that many a menopausal woman has bemoaned. Lower on that list—for me at least—is the possibility that along with my chin and boobs, my vagina could actually start to sag one day. Ah, Mother Nature—she can be a blessing and a bitch.”
Gynecological surgeon, Dr. Prudence Hall says that “As women age, our vaginal tissues become thinner and more atrophic.” Dr. Hall founder of the Santa Monica-based regenerative medicine clinic The Hall Center. “Youthful vaginal tissue is elastic and pliable to accommodate childbirth, allowing for easy and painless intercourse. Contrary to that is aging—or postpartum—vaginal tissue. In these cases the vagina can become dry and stretched out, creating less sexual sensitivity and real discomfort for women.”

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