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Here are some FemiLift reviews by leading Aesthetic Gynecology doctors

So what are doctors saying about FemiLift ?

“Based on my own experience, applying the fractional CO2 laser (FemiLift) helps us create thermal and ablative effects on vaginal walls. These effects trigger a significant improvement in the production of collagen within the vaginal sub-mucosa. In the study I’ve held, 80% of the women who participated experienced a marked improvement in sexual response.”
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Alberto Femopase
The University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC)


“Women who choose the FemiLift vaginal laser treatment do so because it offers vast advantages. They experience no pain at all, the procedure is minimally invasive, and they can have it done in an outpatient setting. Most importantly they experience considerable improvement and recover very quickly. This and more is achieved without affecting the patients’ normal activities.”
Dr. Gabriel Alberto Femopase
University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC)


“FemiLift is a safe and effective solution for treating mild to moderate stress incontinence and vaginal laxity. Moreover, it represents a shift in the state of mind. Doctors can administer Alma Lasers technology very easily. I find that it truly simplifies the treatment process. I am very pleased to be at the forefront of medical solutions for gynecological conditions.”
Dr. Guy Gutman,
Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, NeoU Feminine Intimacy Clinic


“The FemiLift treatment helps my patients tremendously.  It offers them quick recovery and a major improvement of their symptoms. It is a highly acceptable procedure for patients seeking a top quality treatment, efficiency, and superior lasting results.“
Dr. Alexander Bader MD, FAAOCG
European Board OB/GYN – Reconstructive and Cosmetic Gynecologist. Dr. Bader is the founder and President of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, (ESAG) London, Dubai, Athens.


“Patients who suffer urinary continence disorders should undoubtedly consider the Alma FemiLift laser treatment. After all, The FemiLift treatment helps over 80% of the patients.”
Jorge Alberto Elías, Urogynecologist
ESAG – ISCG – AACS member

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