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Here you can get updates about what the press has been saying about the FemiLift laser treatment and its benefits. A collection of articles and posts as well as FemiLift news and FemiLift reviews from across the world. The FemiLift vaginal laser treatment by Alma Lasers has successfully treated over 100,000 women worldwide.

Apr 23 2018

Urinary incontinence – laser treatment solution 23 Apr

Urinary incontinence can occur while Laughing, sneezing, coughing  or exercising. This is common in young mothers, but it…
Oct 15 2017


Inside one mom's quest to stop wetting her pants.
Aug 10 2017

LUX~A Medical Spa Announces the Arrival of FemiLift 10 Aug

Dr. Carmen Traywick and Dr. Frederick Weniger of LUX-A Medical Spa are pleased to announce the arrival of…
Jul 24 2017

Women Are Actually Getting Vagina Lifts To Fix Saggy Vaginas 24 Jul

FemiLift - Is this... necessary? A blog post interviewing Dr. Prudence Hall
Jun 8 2017

The complicated Trurh About The Perfect Vagina 08 Jun

Dr. Amir Marashi owner of the Brooklyn Gyn Place discusses the "designer vagina" trend at
Apr 4 2017

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment: when it’s more than just a ‘designer vagina’ 04 Apr

A major British health blog article about vaginal rejuvenation
Oct 9 2016

Can anyone count how many times she said the word vagina in this video ? 09 Oct

Kelly Deadmon takes on vaginal rejuvenation in ‘the younger games’ TV show.
Jun 9 2016

Sonja from “Real housewives of New York” does FemiLift 09 Jun

FemiLift featured on an episode of "real housewives of New York"
Apr 14 2016

Khloe Kardashian speaks about FemiLift 14 Apr

Khloe Kardashian claims her sisters have found a nonsurgical way to tighten it back up.
Feb 14 2016

A Survivor Shares The Hardest Part Of Sex After Breast Cancer 14 Feb

Sex after cancer can be painful and unpleasant, FemiLift can help
Sep 15 2015

Vaginal Health Issues? It’s okay to talk about it 15 Sep

Watch Dr. Deborah Tozer explains FemiLift and what you can do about feminine health issues. The Colorado &…
Mar 16 2014

Need a lift down there? There’s FemiLift 16 Mar

FemiLift was launched in the Philippines Read more here. The Inquirer, May 2014