Vaginal rejuvenation treatment: when it’s more than just a ‘designer vagina’

04 Apr

NetDoctor article| By Allie Anderson| 30 March 2017

The major British health blog mentions FemiLift as a possible vaginal rejuvenation solution for women.

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  • Sammy
    Posted at 03:29h, 30 September

    My wife just gave birth to our fourth baby this year. She said that she is interested in undergoing some type of labiaplasty. we just don’t know which facilities to look into.

    • Gidon Lev
      Posted at 06:55h, 03 October

      The FemiLift is a none-surgical procedure and doesn’t require going to the hospital (again).
      If you are in the US you can use our provider locator here-

      Just enter your location and choose “FemiLift” treatment and you should see results of clinics in your area. They can consult your wife and help her decide whether it’s best for her.

      If you are not in the US please use our international doctor locator.